Production of FORVENT ventilation components

Iglotech became a manufacturer of ventilation components, taking over this role from Refsystem. Iglotech focuses on the production of ventilation components, and on providing comprehensive equipment for each installation, expanding the hall and equipping it with modern machinery. The Forvent process line provides a comprehensive solution for manufacturing steel ventilation components. Currently, production is based on Polish and foreign machines.

Iglotech’s offer includes:
  1. Circular ducts and fittings
    (spiral pipes; elbows; tees and cross fittings; reducers; nipples; couplings; connectors; offsets; plugs)
  2. Flexible hoses
    (flexible Alu and Sono type; semi-flexible Flex type)
  3. Ducts and rectangular fittings
    (channels; elbows and bends; reducers, diffusers; tees,cross fittings)
  4. Ventilation accessories
    (roof air intakes and ejectors; air dampers; flexible pipes; silencers; roof bases)
  5. Air filters, inspection flaps and mounting systems

Forvent ventilation elements

The manufactured components of the Forvent ventilation system are of the highest quality. They meet the requirements of Polish standards and have the Hygienic Certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene (Atest Higieniczny PZ).  

Spiral pipes manufactured in the range from 80 mm to 1250 mm offer great design possibilities. They are made of DX51 galvanised tape, 1st grade in zinc class Z275 (in accordance with the Polish standard) in a standard length of 3 m. In order to increase the stiffness and resistance to negative pressure, an external embossing is applied to pipes from 250 mm in diameter. In pipes with a diameter of 500 mm and over, the embossing is doubled. Of course, it is possible to manufacture a pipe according to an individual customer’s order (from a different material or in a different length). Circular fittings as well as ducts and rectangular fittings are manufactured from DX51 galvanised sheet. The guarantee is the use of first grade sheet metal in zinc class Z275. The circular fittings produced in the diameter range from 80 mm to 1250 mm can be made of another material: acid-resistant or aluminium.

Manufacturing at Forvent

The Forvent line bank of machinery is one of the few with extremely precise, top-of-the-range machines. These include:

  • Machinery for the production of circular fittings by SPIRO INTERNATIONAL SA, Gorelocker
  • Delta-2-Spiro elbow segment cutting machine
  • TTM segment coiling machine
  • Andritz in-line welding machine
  • TTM locking machine for segmented elbows
  • TTM edge gasketing and spinning machine
  • Ducting machines made by Wammes and Engel – This is one of the few machines on the Polish market that produce ducting with the frame already rolled out. The machine provides a higher class of channel tightness and significantly reduces production time.
  • TORMEC spiral tube machine type TUBO-S, Tubeformer Smart 1602 – Precision machinery ensures that the end product is manufactured with great accuracy and care.
  • The AUTOFOLD 516 machine is used to produce rectangular ducts in widths of 1500 mm in sheet metal up to 1.6 mm thick.
  • The TruBend Trumpf 3120 press brake is equipped with a sensor device for measuring the bending angle ACB and numerical control, which guarantees precise bending angles.  The sensor technology used is a technology developed and patented by Trumpf.  The maximum thickness of the bent parts is 4 mm and the clamping force is 1200 kN. Machine accuracy is indicated by the parameters of Y axis +/- 0.01 mm, X axis +/- 0.05 mm, R axis +/- 0.1 mm.
  • The SPIRAL GASKET-SP2 ventilation shaping machine is designed for shaping ventilation duct ends (end forming), forming a sealing groove in ventilation duct elements and fixing an L-shaped seal under its rolled-up edge
  • The CNC STIG1500 plasma cutter by Stigal is designed for shape cutting of elements from sheet metal with the use of plasma technology. The maximum thickness of cut steel is 8 mm. Positioning accuracy: 0.05 mm.
  • AUTOROLL automatic sheet metal rolling mill and Spiro® machines are for the production of segmented round bends, circular ventilation reducers, lids or flanges used in ventilation systems.

The investment in modern machinery makes it possible to manufacture the entire range required to assemble a complete ventilation system. This promotes fast order processing and total control over the quality of the manufactured products.

Iglotech provides comprehensive solutions in the fields of air conditioning, ventilation, heat pumps, refrigeration and refrigerants, including modern products and the highest level of service and technical advice.

The production of Forvent ventilation components takes place at the production plant in Grudziądz, which is constantly developing and successively expanding its offer.