The Company

Iglotech is a Polish company with traditions. We make improvements with you in mind and respond to the needs of the market, but we never forget the principles that guide us. We rely on long-term cooperation based on trust. Get to know us and see what we have to offer.

Mission & vision

Our mission, which has been with us from the very beginning, is to provide professional and comprehensive services to our clients. Efficient communication is particularly important to us. Products are to reach customers as fast as possible and technical advice is to fully satisfy business partners. Our staff undergo very careful training.

Anyone who decides to collaborate with Iglotech will experience not only professional service, but also treatment full of kindness. We believe that continuous improvement of the communication channels used and transparent actions are the basis for building honest relations, which pay off in the form of long-term collaboration.

CEOs of the Iglotech Group
Iglotech Group Conference

Iglotech Group

Iglotech Group is a network of companies working closely together in consulting, production, sales and delivery of HVAC&R goods.

We aim to provide our business partners with access to the highest quality components and finished products, as well as goods from the best brands, with delivery in the shortest possible time and at a competitive price. We offer comprehensive solutions dedicated to large commercial investments as well as for individual customers.

The scope of Iglotech Group’s activities focuses on wholesale to HVAC&R customers, production of ventilation components and distribution in Poland and Europe.


History of Iglotech